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Sitecore360 is our premier success plan focused on helping customers get value from our products via consulting services, training, and enhanced support. 

Sitecore360 gives access to the five entitlements listed below. Note that not all entitlements will be available in each Sitecore360 plan. Please refer to your Order Form for the entitlements available to you.

1. Professional Plus Training for Sitecore360

Includes a virtual trainer led course and certification

2. Premium Support

Provides customers with enhanced support service levels

3. Expert Services for Sitecore360

Allows customers to submit questions on how to best use Sitecore products

4. Premier Assure Package

Provides a predefined list of review activities performed by Sitecore, which enables customers to check their work (or work done on its behalf by the partner)

5. Advisory TAM Package

Provides ongoing technical Consulting Services (“Services”) in close coordination with a Customer’s implementation and/or maintenance team

If you purchased a previous version of a Sitecore360, then you can find your applicable Package description here