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2022 Report

Brand Authenticity

What Danish consumers expect from their favoured brands

Drive authentic connections

While the last couple of years have seen brands rethink their business models, consumers have also been shifting focus. They’ve been re-evaluating their view on what brands stand for — beyond the products and services they deliver.

So, what are these consumers thinking — and expecting — when it comes to brand authenticity?

Our new research seeks to answer this question and more. A survey in the spring of 2022 asked 1,005 consumers in Denmark about their views. The findings are essential reading for brands looking to drive more authentic connections with customers and wanting to know how to go about it.

See what consumers are saying across five key areas.

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Essential findings


73% of consumers say brands should try to ensure customers feel represented in their marketing and communications


85% of consumers believe that brands need to prove that they are acting fairly


85% of consumers want brands to provide them with insightful recommendations

Explore consumer opinions across

5 key areas

  • 1. Empathy and understanding

    1. Empathy and understanding

    More than eight out of ten Danish consumers pinpoint empathy and understanding as powerful elements that brands should demonstrate in their interactions. But where are the opportunities for brands to connect and engage with customers?

    See more about brand connections, empathy, and understanding in our report.

    Read our research

  • 2. Brand representation

    2. Brand representation

    Today’s brands might feel compelled to comment on social and political issues. In Denmark, most consumers (73%) say brands should try to ensure customers feel represented in their marketing and communications. How should you be talking about your brand values? Is staying neutral the right way to go?

    Explore our report to find out.

    Navigate through social expectations

  • 3. Transparency and communication

    3. Transparency and communication

    How will your customers react to factors such as price increases?  According to 72% of consumers, transparency is key when it comes to additional costs.

    But what else do customers expect from you to keep brand loyalty intact? Fairness, communication, and employee wages are all covered in our research.

    See what consumers want

  • 4. Brand loyalty

    4. Brand loyalty

    How many consumers would describe themselves as 'fans’ of their favourite brands?

    In Denmark, it’s less than half (four out of ten)  meaning plenty of opportunities for brands to differentiate and capture greater mindshare among their consumers.

    Our report offers clues as to how to make that happen. 

    See how to build brand loyalty

  • 5. Shopping experiences

    5. Shopping experiences

    It might appear that the world is destined to be digital, but never underestimate the appeal of shopping in person. In Denmark, almost half (49%) of consumers say they ‘live for the experience’ of doing just that. 

    How can you connect what’s happening offline and online to foster authentic customer relationships?

    View our report to find out

Brand Authenticity

See what our research has uncovered

For brands willing to invest in service, convenience, and take steps to rebuild trust, there is an opportunity to win back consumers and strengthen relationships with existing, happy customers.

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Get the full report

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