BHP Group




Australia & New Zealand


Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA)


Showcase the company’s vision with a stronger online presence

BHP is an innovative, future-focused mining company that’s committed to inclusion and diversity. It wants to demonstrate the true nature of its business to stakeholders and the communities in which it works, and challenge the common notions of what mining companies deliver.

To achieve this goal, BHP recognized it needed to enhance its online presence with a more intuitive website. The company’s existing site had been live for more than five years, and both the technology platform and user experience needed updating to ensure it remained usable, secure, reliable, and scalable. The legacy site wasn’t user friendly, with inconsistent content that didn’t tell a cohesive story. This disjointed experience made it difficult to find relevant information.

To better showcase BHP’s business, the company decided to update its website with a more modern platform.


A more secure and audience-focused website

BHP’s in-house digital innovation team worked with partner Avanade to transform its website on Sitecore Experience Platform.

Following a series of design-thinking workshops and interviews, a content audit, and competitor analysis, the team created a site that’s audience-focused, with intuitive navigation and a slick visual design. The team redesigned the website’s information architecture, prioritizing accessible web content over dense documentation. The project was completed over seven months, with the tight timeframe achieved thanks to Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

With re-usable design components, it’s now much easier for BHP to keep content up to date. Sitecore provides a robust and secure backend for the website, with a multi-cloud security architecture and AI-based intrusion detection and prevention system. The website has multilingual functionality in English, Spanish, and Chinese.


Accurately representing the business and enhancing the user experience

BHP now has a cutting-edge, user-friendly website that improves its online presence and effectively communicates  its values and vision. As well as being visually engaging, content is more informative, easier to read, and aligns with consistent brand messaging. In particular, the site demonstrates BHP’s commitment to sustainably delivering resources the world will need in the future.

The new website offers 93% faster performance, and has resulted in a 73% increase in user time on the site, 10% rise in returning users, and 300% boost in search usage function. As well as improving performance, BHP now has greater peace of mind when it comes to site security, with the newly designed website leveraging inbuilt security to minimize vulnerabilities and AI-based protection against malicious threats. With greater automation and regression testing, BHP has also reduced time to market and costs for new deployments.

Most importantly, though, BHP can now accurately represent the business with a better online experience for stakeholders, employees, and the communities in which it works.