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FinTech giant builds digital-first marketing experience

FIS leverages Sitecore to improve its personalization and increase website engagement by more than 200%




Financial Services




Whether a small business making paddleboards or a world-leading supermarket, finding products to make customer purchasing simple just got easier, faster, and more focused. FIS provides a portfolio of technology products and services that advance how the world pays, banks, and invests. A new digital-first marketing platform using Sitecore is improving how customers access content on its global, multi-language websites. FIS has 20,000 customers worldwide comprised of banking solutions, capital markets, and merchant services. It is a Fortune 500 and Standard & Poor’s company.


Improve digital marketing and deliver personalization at scale

The financial services market is facing significant and threatening change. Loyalty is being eroded as customers become more digitally savvy, well-informed, and ready to change product or service at the click of a mouse. And there are plenty of nimble, innovative providers ready and able to jump in when more traditionally minded organizations are slow or unable to respond.

Despite its heritage and size, FIS has stayed at the top of the industry by reading market change and reacting swiftly. Sitecore has been part of that success. But an increasingly sophisticated customer base and tougher competition meant FIS needed to improve and expand its digital marketing capability.

A major business transformation drove the need for a more modern digital marketing infrastructure. Acquisitions like SunGard and Worldpay have increased legacy systems and business operations as FIS grew exponentially. Serving a global audience resulted in a website that had sections with up to seven languages while others had one. FIS also had over 10 subsites sitting outside its primary domain.

To meet the challenge of an ever more complex market and differentiate its products and services, FIS wanted to increase brand awareness and customer engagement, deliver more personalized content, and measure content effectiveness.

FIS website


Faster TTM for new websites


Higher website visitor engagement


More qualified leads


Weeks to create marketing campaigns, versus months previously


Unify marketing, improve the customer experience with digital-first strategy

To improve marketing, make operations more efficient and enhance the customer experience, FIS worked with Sitecore and implementation partner Altudo to upgrade its Sitecore Experience Platform, and combine it with Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) and Sitecore Headless (JSS). With SXA, FIS’ marketing teams can use its drag and drop functionality to create and update landing pages and article pages quickly and easily, and add content, assign goals, personalization or carry out testing as needed. The headless architecture facilitates omnichannel experiences and allows marketing and content teams to update experiences on other channels without developer/IT help.

FIS’ Sitecore solution is part of a digital-first, customer-centric strategy and includes integration with key third-party applications to enable end-to-end marketing automation and project management. The new, centralized Sitecore platform enables FIS to unify its marketing teams and increase personalization. For example, FIS now uses end-to-end automation to deliver email marketing with a single click using Sitecore Forms to trigger campaigns. And XP provides robust tracking of detailed information on customer behavior alongside advanced analytics, including customer journey path analysis, to increase personalization accuracy and relevance.

“No longer are we just updating content and hoping it sticks,” said Lance Korsun, Director of Marketing Product Management at FIS. “We’re using Sitecore’s capabilities to understand customers better, target content accurately, and get information to the right audiences faster.”

FIS solution

"FIS has gone from a CMS mentality to a marketing experience machine, using Sitecore to inform strategic decisions before execution."

- Lance Korsun, Director of Marketing Product Management, FIS


Faster time to market, more leads, higher engagement

With the new Sitecore solution FIS has introduced a digital-first acquisition strategy and improved customer experiences to differentiate its brand. This is supported by more and better data about customers and prospects to deliver hyper-personalized messaging.

“Sitecore enhances how we help our clients use technology in innovative ways to solve their business-critical challenges and deliver superior experiences for their customers,” said Korsun.

FIS migrated content from 3,000 pages in 10 different languages to the upgraded Sitecore platform. With Sitecore, FIS has increased personalization data 10-fold, and improved time to market significantly with new websites launched 85% faster. Delivering marketing campaigns for personalized customer experiences has been cut from several months to two weeks.

Website visitor engagement has increased by more than 200% using personalized experiences, building out profiles, and tracking measurable actions. FIS expects engagement to improve by a further 30% and qualified leads to grow by 50%. Better, accurate visitor data is helping FIS make more informed business decisions, and the platform is expected to help drive up the NPS score as well.

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FIS outcome



Altudo helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experience through 1:1 personalization and enhanced engagement. It transforms marketing from a demand generation model to a revenue and business roadmap focused on ROI and growth. Altudo’s deep understanding of the Sitecore ecosystem unleashes the potential for a seamless, personalized website experience, and curating engagement analytics throughout the customer journey.

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