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Fujitsu: Internal integrations expedite operations and versatility

Fujitsu integrated internal platforms for simplified workflows, cost savings, and a huge reduction in time to launch


Information Technology


Greater Asia

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Sitecore Experience Awards 2018


With over 160,000 employees worldwide, Fujitsu is the leading IT company in Japan. Their internal portal is used by 300 different divisions, 30,000 employees, and 20,000 partners to access technical details, whitepapers, handbooks, case studies, price lists, proposals, etc.

Fujitsu partnered with Sitecore to integrate this platform. Fujitsu hoped to reduce time to produce and deliver content, enhance search, integrate over 50 internal sites, unify UX by providing templates, personalize content by visitor and department, and add two unique functions—integrated workflows and schedules and bulk registration.

The load time for Fujitsu’s site is 50% faster. User satisfaction has increased tremendously, as has search capability. Fujitsu has also achieved an 80% reduction in man hours for content creation. A new website can now be launched in five days—a 92% reduction from the previous two-month timeframe! Content teams are now able to manage and deliver content without using HTML. And Sitecore successfully built upon Fujitsu’s own K5 cloud platform.


  • Decrease time to create and deliver content and launch new sites
  • Manage content and deliver it across various channels and devices
  • Integrate various internal sites for easier access to internal assets for all stakeholders
  • Improve search
  • Build Sitecore on top of Fujitsu’s own K5 cloud platform


  • Subscription license with flexible response to system expansion
  • Content management function that can be used without knowledge of HTML
  • Integrated 50 sites into 36 with centralized management
  • Unified workflow and schedule and bundled content functions
  • Successfully built Sitecore on K5 and added two unique functions


  • Decreased website launch time from 2 months to 5 days
  • Manage and maintain 36 sites centrally on Sitecore, decreasing costs
  • 80% content man-hours reduction
  • Content owners managing without HTML knowledge
  • Significant rise in user satisfaction
  • Partner portal on same platform significantly increasing content engagements through personalization
  • 50% faster load speed with Sitecore

Products used

  • Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)