Microsoft’s business relies on its partners, and its partner website relies on Sitecore.

For every dollar in direct sales, partners bring in $8.70 for Microsoft. Indirect channels such as VARs, SIs, OEMs, and other partners generate about 90% of the company’s revenue. To be successful, Microsoft’s massive ecosystem of worldwide partners all need current information on products, pricing, seller-enablement, and training. So how does the company deliver timely, essential materials across this vast community? Through the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) website.

When exciting new products like Office 365, HoloLens, and Cortana are released, partners need to be informed and ready. Over the years, the ecosystem has grown beyond half a million partners. Thus, the MPN Digital Services team struggled to deliver information on a timely basis to partners spanning 69 regions and in 19 languages.

Furthermore, the MPN website had become outdated. The Digital Services team needed a new platform that could provide faster load times and take advantage of the latest technologies that support streamlined publishing workflows, targeted marketing capabilities, support for multiple languages, and the ability to serve personalized experiences.

Microsoft turned to Avanade, a global professional services company, and together they selected the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) on Azure.


  • Build efficient web platform for at-scale planning, publishing, and optimization.
  • Deliver timely, essential materials to partners spanning 69 regions and in 19 languages.
  • Create a modern user experience that gives partners greater interaction and fast access to relevant info.
  • Remove engineers from content workflow and put publishing in the hands of content owners.
  • Deliver personalized content to partners based on past and present interaction and geo-location.
  • Ensure visual consistency and reduce page loads throughout MPN websites.
  • Leverage new features of Azure as they’re rolled out.



  • With Sitecore’s component-based architecture, MPN implemented a system comprised of “legos” - components that can be created once and reused across a multi-tenant website.
  • Sharing assets in high-density, multi-tenant environments saves countless development hours, accelerates authoring and localization, ensures brand consistency.
  • Flexible templates accommodate 99% of content requests and incorporate responsive design for rendering pages across all form factors.
  • Marketing teams can instantly publish content in any geography without having to coordinate with an engineer.
  • Built-in reporting and content tagging, so that marketers can build and optimize user journeys.
  • Better user experience: Partners now have a modern personalized experience and enjoy fast access to the latest information on products, pricing, etc.