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Reinventing Commerce

How retailers, CPGs, and manufacturers can compete by driving memorable customer experiences

The commerce landscape is changing rapidly – heightened expectations, demand for personalization, and competition from macro-players with international reach and enormous scale. To uncover the paths to growth through this shifting terrain, Sitecore partnered with Econsultancy.

With opinions gathered from over 1,200 merchandising, ecommerce, and marketing executives in 12 countries, Econsultancy uncovered the data, trends, and insights to help you become a digital-first business. If you’re like the over 80% of respondents who report that success today depends on the ability to create compelling customer experiences, you’ll want to read this report.

Read the report, Reinventing Commerce, to discover:

  • The challenges to growth
  • The new model for growth: experience + commerce
  • Practical steps for defining the path forward

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