Authorized Training Partner (ATP) program

The ATP program provides Sitecore Partners with licensed access to Sitecore Learning’s Instructor-led Training (ILT) curriculum and Train-the-Trainer (TTT) resources.

Accelerate your practice

Effective training and certification programs rapidly build staff skills, increasing your team’s ability to support customers more effectively.

Build staff skills

Partners with larger practices can now take advantage of this high-value resource to train your own teams quickly, on your schedule, in a scalable cost-effective manner.

Strategic improvement

Sitecore Learning plays a strategic role in driving these outcomes with comprehensive programs that include scalable digital eLearning, high-touch Instructor-led curriculum, and a best-in-class credentialing program.

Train your teams, your way

Take advantage of the “gold standard” in Sitecore materials, delivering efficient and flexible training to meet your organization’s needs. Sitecore ATP subscribers are licensed to use Sitecore Learning’s most up-to-date ILT curriculum materials and lab/environment support.

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Train Sitecore customers

ATP also authorizes and supports partners training Sitecore customers directly under a shared revenue model. Once your program is validated by Sitecore, you can use the same materials to train your customers. Not only will you be enhancing your services, but you will also improve value delivery and revenue. Customer project teams can be trained ahead of their implementation making it smoother, reduce miscommunication, accelerate adoption, and increase the speed to value.


Train-The-Trainer (TTT)

Sitecore Learning provides TTT services to ensure your instructors have the right start. Our TTT program will provide knowledge transfer, guidance, and best practices for teaching Sitecore Learning materials to your team and customers, quickly maximizing their productivity and effectiveness.


Ready to get started?

Scale and accelerate your Sitecore practice with the Authorized Training Partner Program.

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