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Sitecore XM Cloud

Moving to XM Cloud

A new approach to website creation

XM Cloud, a fully cloud-native SaaS CMS, is the beating heart of our composable DXP. Move to XM Cloud to take advantage of headless architecture and robust publishing capabilities, and create and deliver engaging content while effectively managing customer data.  


The benefits of moving to XM Cloud

  • Lower total cost of ownership

    XM Cloud offers significant cost savings by eliminating investments in hardware infrastructure and reducing maintenance costs, utilizing Microsoft Azure to manage infrastructure.

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  • No more upgrades

    Moving to XM Cloud means benefiting from the latest functionality and features due to automatic updates rolled out by Sitecore, ensuring a website that is up to date with the latest innovations.

  • Reduced maintenance and development costs 

    XM Cloud provides modern developer tools, frameworks, and APIs to eliminate or dramatically reduce IT maintenance and upgrade costs. XM Cloud also removes the need for dedicated IT staff or developers to handle tasks like server management and software updates, allowing for more effective resource allocation across an organization.

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  • Seamlessly scalable

    XM Cloud allows businesses to adjust resources to accommodate user needs without disruptions or significant infrastructure investment, providing the scalability businesses need to adapt their digital presence.

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  • Intuitive user experience

    XM Cloud gives content creators an intuitive builder to visually author digital experiences.

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  • Robust security

    XM Cloud incorporates high-level security measures, safeguarding data and protecting against unauthorized access or breaches.

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Migrating to XM Cloud

Thinking about migrating to XM Cloud? Discover helpful resources, migration scenarios, things to look out for, and more in this informative webinar from Jason St. Cyr, Sitecore's Director of Developer Relations. 


Watch the webinar
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Industry best builders

XM Cloud solutions from our partners

Chart your path to XM Cloud with the help of our exceptional partners

Best practices for moving to XM Cloud

Everyone's journey to XM Cloud is unique; employing best practices from the beginning sets teams up for success. 


Our recommendations for business stakeholders
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Learn More

XM Cloud resources

Architects guide to DXP SaaS migration

Sitecore's Pieter Brinkman and Jason St. Cyr provide an overview of some Sitecore XM and Sitecore XP scenarios, explain how to gradually migrate to a composable architecture.

Using Components and External Datasources with XM Cloud

Sitecore's Jason St-Cyr walks through connecting to external data sources to pull content into Sitecore Components. Learn how to map data structures from an API, add them to a visual component, and embed into XM Cloud pages.

Implement a new project using XM Cloud

Sitecore Developer Advocate Sebastian Winter walks through implementing a new website-project using XM Cloud, including how to structure, define, design, and analyze the work.


We’re committed to your success, and to helping you unlock the full value of XM Cloud. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does XM Cloud integrate with other technologies?

    XM Cloud is designed as API first. This approach enables complete integratability with other applications through its GraphQL API. Event and workflow webhooks enable XM Cloud to notify other applications of events to react to.

    Sitecore Connect offers a clean and refined integration of Sitecore solutions with thousands of systems and software platforms.

  • What integrations does XM Cloud have?

    Sitecore Connect streamlines integrations between Sitecore products and the wider technology market. This includes XM Cloud. Explore Sitecore Connect.

  • How much will a migration to XM Cloud from Sitecore XP cost?

    The total cost of a migration to XM Cloud from Sitecore XP will vary for each individual customer depending on the levels of customization in the existing deployment. XM Cloud is a modern SaaS solution that will upgrade automatically  so you will get access to new features without effort or additional costs that you would incur as part of a standard XP upgrade. This will reduce TCO in the short, medium and longer term. 
  • What if we just want XM Cloud?

    XM Cloud is the fastest selling SaaS product in Sitecore’s history.  Scores of new and existing customers have already purchased XM Cloud to modernize their digital experiences. XM Cloud is available standalone or as part of a composable DXP, combined with other Sitecore SaaS offerings.  
  • What technologies will we need in a composable DXP stack to achieve parity with our XP implementation?

    Build your Sitecore XM Cloud solution using modern JavaScript development frameworks. Developers can now build your next experience with limited need of Sitecore specific knowledge. Sitecore XM Cloud provides freedom of technology for developers. Providing agility for developers to build how they want using modern frameworks and devops.

Digital evolution, powered by our composable DXP

Sitecore’s product strategy embraces the power of composable to shape the digital future.