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Reframing direct-to-consumer: Building lifelong customer relationships through experience

The summary of a fireside chat on the future of direct-to-consumer (DTC), hosted by Ogilvy and Sitecore at eTail Asia 2021.

Who will win as Southeast Asia grapples with the impact of D2C, and the challenges posed by the demise of the third party cookie?

A select group of ecommerce experts, relationship managers, and technologists examine such issues as whether traditional branding will survive, the importance of omnichannel, and the implications for adtech.

Finally, these very different individuals with their unique skill sets and perspectives come together to consider the factors stopping clients from succeeding in D2C and what strategies clients can execute to find their place among the future winners.

In Part One of the fireside chat, we discussed the struggle brands face in maintaining relevance in a world of D2C.

Part Two will focus on the obstacles faced venturing into D2C, overcoming them, and building on relationships.

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