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Mind in the marketing machine

You already know you’ll need machine learning and AI to process vast amounts of data and enhance the customer experience. We designed the Sitecore Experience Cloud™, with Sitecore Cortex™, to support your efforts.

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Mind in the Marketing Machine

Introducing Sitecore Cortex

When it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning, every martech vendor is talking a good game.

But with the Sitecore Experience Cloud, you’re already way ahead of that game.

Because the Sitecore Experience Cloud was designed from the ground up to exploit the enormous potential of machine learning.

At its core, the Sitecore Experience Cloud combines three things:
  1. Contextual insights – the ability to discover the most likely needs and intentions behind every interaction, so you can deliver relevant experiences that lead to mutual value.
  2. Content and commerce – each robust in its own right, and both natively integrated so your visitors enjoy a seamless and personalized experience before, during, and after every purchase.
  3. Omnichannel distribution – giving you the freedom to use the right channel to bring contextual experiences to every customer, wherever they are.

It’s a hugely powerful model that’s designed to collect, connect, and process enormous amounts of data—fast—from many different systems.

And that’s where machine learning comes in.

Introducing Sitecore Cortex: the intelligent marketing assistant built inside the Sitecore Experience Cloud.

Sitecore Cortex crunches huge volumes of data in real time to increase the relevance and value of every customer experience.

It’s already doing amazing things inside the Sitecore Experience Cloud:

  • Like analyzing every purchase journey to identify the highest value audience segments.
  • Or testing hundreds of variables to continuously optimize key engagements – making them better and better over time.

But that’s just the start of where machine learning can take you.

Soon your intelligent assistant will be profiling customers based on their content consumption…

  • Building smart attribution models
  • Driving self-learning engagement scoring
  • Or powering automatic content tagging and intelligent recommendations

To do all this, Sitecore Cortex processes enormous amounts of data, in real time, making instant judgments that support your goals, your customers and the unique context of every interaction.

So you can concentrate on killer strategies, wild new ideas… and global domination.

This is where marketing is going.

This is how your customers want to interact with you.

This is the Sitecore Experience Cloud…

powered by Sitecore Cortex.