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Sitecore for Retail

Retail's digital lead is being challenged

Retail and CPG were the early adopters of digital technologies, but their lead is rapidly being eroded by other industries, who are now setting the benchmark for digital experience. Sitecore has tools and research to help you stay in front of the growing demands of your customers.

Connect and personalize omnichannel retail experiences

With B2B and B2C shopper behavior changing rapidly, it's critical for retailers to unify the shopping experience. It's time to execute your vision for truly personalized shopping experiences that span all channels — get a grasp on the tools and strategies you need. 


For brands to have a happy holidays, the time is now

This holiday season is the most important in year, and Sitecore has the marketing and consumer insights to help you prepare.

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Understand the range of headless e-commerce platforms

Forward-thinking digital retail teams are future-proofing their tech strategies with headless e-commerce platforms. Get this guide to understand the range of choices available and what to look for.

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Papa John's

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Transforming DX for retail with conversational AI

Discover experience-led engagement strategies to connect with the modern shopper.

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A powerful platform to personalize experiences

Discover our end-to-end content and commerce solutions.

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