This FAQ is provided for informational purposes only to address common questions our customers and partners may have regarding Sitecore’s vision as it relates to SaaS. The information provided herein is general in nature and is not intended to provide either an exhaustive explanation of Sitecore’s development plans or address any one specific SaaS solution from Sitecore, except where noted.

This FAQ contains forward looking statements about products and services not yet released by Sitecore. Our product and service offerings, future updates or other planned modifications are subject to ongoing evaluation by Sitecore and subject to change.

This information is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Customers who purchase Sitecore offerings should make their purchase decision based upon features that are currently available.

What is the SaaS (Software as a Service) model?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely by a provider, and consumed by users in a one-to-many model on a pay-for-use or subscription basis. Instead of installing and maintaining software, users simply access a centrally hosted application via the Internet from the provider’s servers. The provider manages access to the application – including availability, performance, and security – freeing users from complex software and hardware management.

How is the SaaS model different from cloud computing?

While cloud computing and SaaS both entail infrastructure technology and/or software applications that are consumed over the Internet, the primary difference between the two pertains to who is responsible for maintaining the software application(s). With cloud computing, a third-party provider may maintain the physical servers, but the user is responsible for managing the software application. With SaaS, the third-party provider manages both the physical infrastructure and the software application.

What is Sitecores approach to SaaS? What are the benefits?

Our customers consume marketing and digital experience management software in different ways – mainly on-premises, via private cloud, managed cloud, managed services, and SaaS. Our strategy is to ensure that we have options to support the model that best supports our customers’ businesses.

It is important to note that Sitecore already has SaaS products in our portfolio, including Sitecore Content Hub™ and Sitecore AI. As we continue to expand our SaaS portfolio, we will be bringing in new, additional use cases including the ability to deliver omnichannel content and personalized experiences to meet our customers’ needs. As Sitecore advances the expansion of our SaaS portfolio, our vision is to enable customers to derive even more value from our applications through software that is:

  1. Connected through the ability to integrate third-party martech systems, as well as full integration with Sitecore Content Hub, which is already SaaS.
  2. Simple with a modern, elegant interface that controls the complexity of the underlying technology while tailoring the user experience to their specific needs.
  3. Agile by accelerating time-to-market, reducing the costs to design, build, deploy, and support the Sitecore platform, and with seamless upgrades that will allow customers to consistently benefit from improved ease-of-use and usability as we continue to make advances in automating content services and personalization.
  4. Flexible by maintaining the extensibility that allows developers to make changes when needed based on shifting market dynamics and empowers Sitecore partners and customers to create differentiated experiences so they can meet the wide variety of market demands seen today.
  5. Intelligent with fully integrated AI and ML technologies delivered as a service throughout the platform to help users predict behavior, act on data, and serve up the right content in real time.

When will Sitecore’s SaaS platform be available?

Sitecore Content Hub and Sitecore AI are the two products already available on our SaaS platform. The first product to extend our existing SaaS offering will be a Content as a Service (CaaS) offering, which builds on the foundation of our Sitecore Content Hub SaaS platform. The release of our CaaS offering is planned for early 2021 with expanded SaaS use cases and functionality, including Experience as a Service (XaaS) to be delivered later in 2021.

What can I expect from the next iteration and release of Sitecore’s SaaS digital experience platform?

The foundational element of customer experience is content, and with Sitecore Content Hub, which is a SaaS offering, our customers are empowered to take control of their content lifecycle and are enabled to centralize digital and marketing assets, effectively collaborate on content across teams, and integrate seamlessly with Sitecore CMS and commerce solutions. The upcoming Sitecore Content Hub 3.4 release will deliver an enhanced DAM with leading-edge innovation in AI and video while also providing innovations that improve workflow, ease-of-use, and simplify and automate graphics production.

As we continue to expand the capabilities of our SaaS portfolio, future releases will focus on building a Content as a Service (CaaS) offering that builds on the strengths of Sitecore Content Hub, delivering strong content planning and production tooling, and on-demand atomic content delivered through high-performing APIs. The release of Sitecore’s CaaS offering will provide a centralized repository making atomic content available everywhere for any format on robust, read-optimized APIs with the flexibility to use any framework to deliver experiences across channels.

How long will Sitecore continue to innovate on and support its on-premises/cloud digital experience platform?

As noted above, we understand that customers’ will approach deploying their digital customer experiences in different ways, and we want to ensure that our customers are not bound by a single technical architecture. We also have a responsibility to protect our customers’ current investment in Sitecore. As such, we will continue to invest in and support our existing on-premises/cloud platform for the foreseeable future, in addition to our support policy.

What should I do now to get prepared for upcoming use cases as Sitecore expands their SaaS portfolio?

As always, the best way to be prepared for Sitecore’s forthcoming innovations is to take advantage of the foundation-setting capabilities in Sitecore’s existing portfolio and latest releases. For example, CaaS will expand on the foundation of Sitecore Content Hub, enabling great experiences in Sitecore® Experience Platform™ coupled with building content capabilities and adjusting content workflows through the use of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and/or Content Management Platform (CMP). It can prepare your organization to take advantage of the extended use cases planned for CaaS and future releases.

What does Sitecore’s SaaS vision mean for Sitecore’s Solution Provider Partners?

Sitecore’s focus is enabling customers with options to provide meaningful digital experiences that represent each brand uniquely. In order to do this, our solutions need to provide the flexibility for customers and partners to select the solution that is best for them and the ability to extend and customize the platform to meet specific business needs. We realize this can’t be done alone and requires active solution partners to extend the Sitecore offerings.

This means that Sitecore’s Solution Provider Partners will continue to have a prominent role in the Sitecore community. Sitecore’s customers will need their help to implement and take advantage of functionality available in their selected Sitecore product. The SaaS model will reduce the necessity for our partners to stand-up and manage infrastructure overhead – freeing them to focus their time on high-value work that optimizes both the user and customer experience, such as custom solution design, component development, content strategy, and creative content presentation.