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Build better customer experiences and improve mobile accessibility

Many residents of this social housing group have been failed by the housing market. As well as providing affordable homes, the organization wanted to improve connection and communication with residents and make it easier for them to access services by their channel of choice. The business also wanted to make its own operations more efficient. But with 70% of residents wanting to access services and information via mobile, neither its mobile app nor its website were meeting the need effectively. The organization also wanted to enhance its focus on people and community with content to help improve their lives as well as housing. For example, it set up a charity to help the environment by providing more green spaces.


Upgrade digital platform and deliver mobile services and personalized experiences

The social social housing organization has upgraded its existing Sitecore application, hosted on Azure, and rolled out an entirely new digital platform. It has made it easier to integrate back-office systems, third-party applications, and payment providers. The new, redesigned website and mobile app has increased easy-to-use self-service capabilities with features such as an automated chat. This has reduced inbound calls and demand on customer service personnel. A new online account product allows customers to manage their home via any device and includes easy ways to make payments, update details, request repairs, and get in touch.

The social housing group’s Head of Digital, says, “Working in partnership with Sitecore, enables us to continue to develop and optimize our digital platform so we can launch new sites and features at pace.”


Boosted engagement, better customer experiences, and brighter futures

The social housing group now has a better understanding of resident needs so it can personalize content and provide new and improved services.

Within six months of launch, the Sitecore-powered website delivered a 30% increase in new registrations, a number that surpassed expectation. Website payments increased by 40% plus the improved customer experience, especially on mobile. For example, customers who book repairs online receive reminders prior to and on the day an engineer arrives.

Online customer case resolutions have increased and the Trustpilot rating has increased from 1.4 to 3.8 out of 5 due to new features like online chat. Using Sitecore to build stronger resident profiles has improved personalized content such as money and benefits, jobs, and mental health and wellbeing.

The Sitecore platform has improved group processes. Call-back forms and conditional logic direct queries to dedicated teams have improved, so customer questions are answered faster, ensuring a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. This, along with more digital communication, has increased operational efficiency and productivity and led to significant cost savings.

Sitecore is now being used to deploy associated websites such as one dedicated to building and repair operations.