Sentosa Development Corporation


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Increasing marketing engagement while reducing digital complexity

The Sentosa website is a vital tool for enticing visitors to the island and needs to communicate the many attractions the resort offers in an intuitive way. SDC wanted to increase marketing engagement with more personalized online experiences. To enable the creation and delivery of targeted products and content, SDC needed technology to capture data on user behavior, improve internal workflows, and elevate the omnichannel experience for island visitors. The new technology needed to integrate seamlessly so the organization’s web team could focus on addressing business challenges, rather than managing technical complexities.


Creating more relevant omnichannel experiences

SDC adopted a composable approach for its web platform, integrating the SaaS-based Sitecore Personalize and Sitecore CDP products with its Sitecore Experience Platform. The first government statutory board in Singapore to leverage a composable architecture, SDC is using Sitecore Personalize to create more relevant omnichannel experiences for customers in real time. By also incorporating Sitecore CDP in its digital ecosystem, SDC is connecting customer data across channels to help the organization gather insights into the customer journey, preferences, and priorities, and fuel continuous improvement.


Accelerated time to market boosts business agility

SDC is now driving more personalized and intuitive online experiences with Sitecore, which contributes to more effective and engaging marketing. Click-through rates have increased by 4% within four months of the initial deployment with an additional sales conversion of one percent. Taking a composable approach enables SDC to accelerate time to market, simplify ecosystem integrations, and boost business agility. With a future-proof digital platform based on Sitecore, SDC can also drive innovation and growth.