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Sitecore + Microsoft

Deliver irresistible experiences at any touchpoint with the power, speed, smarts, and scale of Sitecore and Microsoft®.

Since Sitecore’s inception, Microsoft has been our partner – teaming with us to deliver new innovations in the market in areas including cloud, machine learning, search, and more. Together, we elevate the customer experience.

Sitecore and Microsoft are dedicated to delivering AI-powered enhancements

Improved consumer engagement

Automated asset creation for advertising and campaigns with smart, user-generated content, plus the ability to manage brand presence and representation across channels.

Streamlined back-office management

Improving response time and accuracy of internal communications, IT and HR helpdesk tickets, and/or procurement matters.

Automated innovation

Automate everything – from product descriptions to marketing emails to onboarding training and enablement of employees.

“The Sitecore content-to-commerce portfolio is all native to Microsoft Azure, and it leverages the platform’s scalable storage, automation, and application deployment capabilities.”

- Owen Taraniuk, Senior Vice President of Global Ecosystem, Sitecore

Unlocking AI’s potential

Transcend conventional boundaries and definitions of go-to-market channels.

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