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Acxiom Personalization Services

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Unlock the value of your Sitecore marketing technology with Acxiom Personalization Services

Maximize your data and technology investment with a dedicated team of expert consultants, analysts, and developers to execute your highest value-driving personalization use cases.


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Where are you in your personalization journey?

Our personalization service offerings have been designed as an end-to-end approach that maps your needs across four phases of your personalization journey to ultimately drive the best value from your Sitecore technology investments.

Evaluate: Understanding what capabilities you have as a business and assessing readiness.

Experience: Where we work with you to define your vision and strategy for your personalization goals, define and prioritize the roadmap for your use cases.

Enable: Your technical foundations - onboarding of 2-3 priority use cases, platform set up, channel and data integrations, and analytics.

Engage: Ongoing “test and learn” approach to delivery and growth, measuring, reporting, amending strategies, and re-prioritizing use-case roadmaps.

What can Acxiom Personalization Services bring to your business?

Maximize your data and technology investments with Sitecore and Acxiom personalization services.

One of the most critical elements to making your personalization efforts successful is to identify and prioritize your use cases. Wherever you are in your personalization journey, Acxiom’s dedicated team of expert consultants, analysts, and developers can work with you to not only identify and prioritize your use cases if needed, but also build, implement, and execute.

By digging into Acxiom’s knowledge pool and experience with building use cases that offer the fastest time to value, we can enable your brand to deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.


Acxiom Personalization Services – Achieve value in 90 days

Whether you are just starting out on your personalization journey or looking to further enhance current experiences, Acxiom can support you at every stage to achieve value from your customers


Identifying opportunities

Map out the high- level customer interactions to identify opportunities to personalize the journey


Build a roadmap

Prioritize opportunities based on effort and value to build a roadmap for continued success


Defining use cases

Identify data and tech requirements to deliver personalization and KPI’s to track for proving return on investment


Execute and measure

Implement use cases based on requirements and measure success of KPI’s to learn and optimize

Sweat your technology investment

The brochure covers how personalization services can enable your business to:

  • Acquire more customers and drive more sales with data-driven personalization strategies
  • Drive growth through personalized omnichannel recommendations
  • Leverage your data, analytics, and marketing technologies to retain your customers
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