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Who will benefit from the Content Hub Kickstart Program?

The program is designed for companies that want to ensure new technology is implemented with real business impact.

Do you want to:

  • Increase the efficiency of your current digital asset management process?
  • Shorten the time to market of your Content Hub implementation?
  • Start generating return on investment faster?

Then the Content Hub Kickstart Program is right for you.

The Content Hub Kickstart Program will deliver:

  • A fully functional, production-ready Content Hub solution
  • Custom migration templates for import of your assets
  • Taxonomy and workflows tailored to your organization
  • Fit for purpose for omnichannel
  • A Best Practice Package containing unique features that instantly add value to your Content Hub solution
  • Easy exchange of assets with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)
  • A well-trained team, ready to leverage Content Hub.

Best Practice Package: Unique features that instantly add value to your Content Hub

We offer our customers a "best practice package" that includes several advanced and sophisticated features on top of the standard features Content Hub already provides.

  • Photo shoot management
    Easily manage all assets related to a specific photo shoot
  • Sophisticated focal point cropping
    Choose and fine-tune the point of interest of your image for better art direction
  • Automatic image-resizing
    Automatic optimization of images for omnichannel use

Real-word examples that created true business impact

Financial Institution

Optimized asset creation, distribution, and the management process between 100+ employees and their external agencies, eliminating rework and brand inconsistency across all assets.

Charitable Organization

Reduced time-to-market for omnichannel fundraising campaigns, generating $500+ million yearly revenue.

National Lottery

Performant digital asset delivery to an audience of 50 million people across Europe.

Get in touch to find out more about Content Hub Kickstart

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