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EPAM Global Advertising Solution


Deliver dynamic advertising for both digital and print using Sitecore Content Hub

EPAM’s Global Advertising Solution helps you create, manage, and streamline your advertising content creation and delivery processes at scale.


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EPAM`s Global Advertising Solution enables organizations to build a robust and consistent brand presence across multiple markets while saving time, resources, and costs using smart templates that adapt to user needs on publications, HTML and videos.

Production costs are reduced by creating unified templates that can be adapted and localized for every market rather than creating new assets each time. Localized templates ensure that your message resonates with your target audience globally while maintaining brand consistency.

The combination of Sitecore Content Hub and CHILI publish offers organizations a seamless, integrated solution, providing dynamic content creation, brand consistency, efficient collaboration, workflow automation, data-driven personalization, comprehensive analytics, and content management capabilities.

Elevate your brand impact globally

Ditch ad chaos with EPAM's Global Advertising Solution and allow marketers to create on-brand mass advertisement campaigns. Seamlessly integrated with Sitecore Content Hub, watch this video to experience streamlined processes and amplified outcomes.

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What is Creative Automation?

Many global brands have siloed approaches to building advertisements, often resulting in organizations having multiple platforms for the same purpose and a lack of standardized processes that create significant management overheads. 

 This flexible solution is perfect for print and digital media, enabling users to build HTML banners from digital asset manager (DAM) assets in minutes using creative automation. This process speeds up and optimizes creative processes to save time, cost, and to deliver higher-quality output.

Explore the extensive value of our Global Advertising Solution for Content Hub:

Features a simple and easy-to-use interface
Marketers can build advertisements in minutes. Fully integrates with Sitecore Content Hub, ensuring quick access to assets they can use seamlessly and quickly.

Built for scale
Allowing marketers to produce on-brand mass advertisement campaigns.

Designed to be easily extended
The solution will evolve with your business needs and future aspirations.

Offers smart templates
Allow users to change a variety of aspects, including page size, orientation, alignment, dynamic data and images.

Flexible HTML advertisement generation
Enables users to upload templates, configure settings, dynamically generate outputs, and export multiple size variations of advertisements.

The solution is comprised of prebuilt presentations, configurations, and business logic, saving your team the equivalent of 14 weeks time and $300,000 of effort. EPAM will transition the solution to your team in as little as 8 weeks, ready for immediate use.

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Global Advertising Solution Features

Empower your marketing teams to create dynamic advertising at scale.


Simple and easy-to-use interface

Built on Sitecore Content Hub, the Global Advertising Solution provides users with a convenient and intuitively structured solution to operate.


Flexible templates that work for many use cases

Marketers work with flexible templates to create print and digital advertising options. A small number of templates can be utilized to create numerous publications.


Localization ready

Reach all your global users quickly and easily with localized copy and images. Translate all your advertising content in Sitecore Content Hub and output in seconds.


Built for scale

Self-service solution - 24 hours a day. Serverless functions are used for removing the complexity of building and deploying at scale, enabling teams to launch any number of advertisements.


Dynamic data and image injection

After users select the assets, the solution automatically inserts those assets into the advertisement. Positions assets correctly and scales proportionately.


Assets access control

Security is managed by Sitecore Content Hub’s granular asset and operations security model. Ensuring only the correct teams interact with, create, and deploy generated advertisements.

Global Advertising Solution key features

Explore the value of our Global Advertising Solution for Content Hub

Download our takeaway pdf here
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