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Codehouse Experience Ecosystem

Transform your digital marketing in 90 days

Deliver seamless customer experiences over multiple channels with the Codehouse Experience Ecosystem.


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The Codehouse Experience Ecosystem is a consulting framework that empowers Sitecore customers to accelerate the delivery of personalized experiences, connecting and leveraging your organization’s MarTech stack. By drawing together Marketing and Sales teams, the Experience Ecosystem aligns your goals, processes, and technology to deliver real business value. It utilizes advanced capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform and can be delivered using Sitecore’s composable DXP architecture.

The solution is delivered in three steps: Experience Campaign, Experience Website, and Experience Ecosystem. The process starts small and then builds to deliver quick business wins in a 90-day timeframe, ensuring you don’t fall into any of the common traps associated with large-scale marketing transformation.

The Experience Ecosystem is purpose-built to give you:

  • Personalized website, social, and email campaigns
  • Connectors for easy platform integration
  • Data-driven, actionable customer intelligence
  • Best-of-breed platforms that work together seamlessly
  • Simplified roadmap and speed to market

Drive deeper customer connections

Roughly 71% of consumers use multiple channels to complete a single transaction, meaning seamless experiences are increasingly essential. Companies can no longer ignore the need for digital-first business models to provide seamless and differentiated customer experiences. Yet 44% of companies struggle with siloed systems and customer data, resulting in clunky, unfriendly experiences.

Organizations need to see digital as a unified ecosystem. The solutions they use need to maximize revenue and customer engagement, reduce the siloes within their customer data, and optimize existing marketing stacks.


The Codehouse Experience Ecosystem blends your Sitecore website, marketing automation, and CRM system to reveal key customer experience data and make it actionable so you can:

  • Maximize customer revenue
  • Maximize customer engagement
  • Eliminate silos and use customer data in the right ways
  • Maximize the value of your marketing stack
  • Build a data-driven digital marketing future

An example of the solution in action

Sitecore Symposium session: Personalizing the path to purchase with Isuzu, Australia


The Experience Ecosystem

Find out more about the Codehouse approach to combining Sitecore, CRM, and marketing automation to transform your marketing.

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