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Sitecore Content Hub

Take charge of your entire content lifecycle. Sitecore Content Hub™ unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management with a single, integrated solution.

A 360° view of your content landscape

One home for all your digital assets, content operations, and distribution

  • Manage all your digital assets

    Stop searching through multiple sources and systems to find what you need. Centralize all your marketing assets with a digital asset management (DAM) solution that integrates seamlessly with your CMS.

    Discover Digital Asset Management
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  • Boost the impact of content marketing

    Get ahead of the curve, instead of always putting out fires. Be confident that content is always ready when needed for all your channels, audiences, campaigns, regions, and more.

    Discover Content Marketing Platform
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  • Get your marketing teams in sync

    Keeping teams focused on a singular outcome can be a major challenge when multitasking. Get everyone on the same page with visibility and collaboration across the entire content workflow.

    Discover Marketing Resource Management
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  • Take control of product content

    Ever-changing product content makes it difficult to ensure consistency across catalogs, e-commerce websites, and other downstream apps. Sitecore Content Hub provides a single source of truth for your product content.

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  • Personalize print content in a flash

    Converting web to print doesn’t need to be complicated. Automatically create personalized print collateral for your customers, featuring customizable smart templates accessible right from the browser.

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Experience Edge for Content Hub

Publish headlessly from Content Hub. A highly-scalable content delivery platform, which exposes high-performing GraphQL APIs, empowers you to serve content on-demand to any channel.

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Sitecore Content Publisher

Simplify and automate graphics and collateral production from anywhere — for print or digital distribution — while enforcing brand guidelines and other compliance requirements.

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Content Hub feature highlights

Smart features to help your marketing do more.

  • Intuitive interface

    An interface designed with every type of user in mind.

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  • Tight integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

    Pull assets from Content Hub into InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Then package finished assets into your DAM from InDesign.

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  • Predefined content models

    Use out-of-the-box content types and the relationships between them or create your own content models to match your business needs.

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  • Content as a Service

    Accelerate time to market by increasing the flexibility and agility of your developers and marketers with headless content delivery.

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  • Content Hub JavaScript SDK

    Accelerate development and the integration of Content Hub with third-party solutions.

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What customers are saying

“Sitecore makes the SCHOTT portfolio and our spirit of innovation accessible in such a flexible way that we can serve widely differing markets.”

— Jörg Duhr, Head of Digital Experience, SCHOTT AG

Sitecore Experience Platform

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