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Sitecore AI

Auto-Personalization: The first solution that automatically identifies visitor trends, creates customer segments, and modifies page elements to deliver personalized experiences.

Image Similarity identifies similar assets for reuse and repurpose in different campaigns and channels.

Personalize the experience without the guesswork

Analyze customer behavior, learn where each person is in their journey, and determine the best content to continuously optimize their experience.

Personalization, amplified

Sitecore AI increases the power of Sitecore® Experience Platform™ and Sitecore Content Hub™ to deliver on the promise of personalization at scale.

Segment of 1

Segment of 1

Sitecore AI is the only solution that automatically identifies customer segments to deliver unique 1:1 experiences.

Content AI

Content AI

Image Similarity analyzes images to identify similar assets for reuse and repurpose, saving you the time and money needed to create new ones.

Continuous optimization

Sitecore AI automatically tests and selects the best content to create a custom experience for each customer, every time.

Automation with transparency

Get insights you can trust – with Auto-Personalization and Content AI.

Instant insights

With the Auto-Personalization dashboard, quickly see why and how Sitecore AI makes its decisions so you can interpret and share insights with stakeholders.

Align with business goals

Know what's working to continuously optimize customers' experiences and nurture them toward conversion.

The marketer is in control

Image Similarity uses machine learning to present you with options, but the final content decision is always with the marketer.

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