World-class personalization at scale

Sitecore Experience Platform

A powerful content management system (CMS) is just the start. Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) also combines customer data, analytics, and marketing automation capabilities to nurture customers throughout their journey with personalized content in real-time, across any channel.

Create unmatched customer experiences with Sitecore XP

  • One platform to manage personalized content delivery across channels and at scale
  • Multi-site and multi-lingual content management system (CMS)
  • Central repository for all customer interaction data
  • Headless architecture powers ability to create content once and display it anywhere
  • Native analytics, testing, optimization, and machine learning capabilities
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Personalize to engage your audience

Tailoring your experiences to your customers’ wants and needs boosts conversions. See how Sitecore XP provides real-time personalization — right down to the individual visitor.

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Compile actionable customer data

Capturing data helps you get an end-to-end picture of customer interactions throughout their journey. Sitecore connects and collects visitor data from all sources so you can leverage personalization.

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Put machine learning to work

Gathering data is one thing, knowing what to do with it is another. Sitecore XP’s machine learning feature extracts smart insights from your data to unlock opportunities and streamline redundant tasks.

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Automate your cross-channel campaigns

Nurturing relevant online conversations keeps your brand top-of-mind. With Sitecore XP’s marketing automation, you can strategically use drag-and-drop to natively plan interactions and triggers.

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Conquer omnichannel delivery

Siloed content and channel management hinder productivity and can be a nightmare for marketers. Sitecore XP’s headless CMS delivers experiences on any digital device, channel, or touchpoint— seamlessly.

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"Instead of having to make big and slow changes on a semi-regular basis, we can constantly change and optimize."

Bryan Meredith

Head of Digital, Rabobank

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The freedom of flexibility

Sitecore XP works with the third-party marketing solutions you use and love.

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A full range of features

Using Sitecore XP means you benefit from robust digital marketing capabilities, including Sitecore XM’s industry-leading web content management features.

Experience Editor

WYSIWYG editor to easily make changes on the page

Sitecore Cortex™

Out-of-the-box or customizable machine learning architecture

Sitecore® Experience Database™

Big data repository tracking all site visits and user behavior over time

Sitecore® Experience Accelerator (SXA)

Drag-and-drop, user-friendly interface for non-technical content authors

Marketing automation

Automate moments in the customer journey and scale manual marketing tasks

Sitecore® Experience Profile™

Compiles lifetime behavior of contacts that have interacted with your brand

Sitecore Omni™

No-compromise headless to deliver content across channels


Optimizes every experience with simple or multivariate testing

Path Analyzer

Tracks every user journey path to determine what's working and what's not

Media Library

Manage images, documents, videos, and audio files

Campaign Creator

Step-by-step tool for creating, publishing, and reporting on multichannel campaigns

Experience Analytics

Over 80+ out-of-the-box reports to monitor traditional web metrics


A user-friendly way to create engaging forms and collect visitor data

Data Exchange Framework

Integrate third-party content, analytics, and other data

Sitecore Mobile API for Xamarin

Portable Class Library (PCL) that lets developers work with items and fields


Flexible and scalable search options

Sitecore xConnect™

Service layer between the database and authenticated client

Sitecore Universal Tracker

Capture interactions online and offline on any device in any state

List Manager

Manage large dynamic lists to accurately deploy marketing


Consistent client-server communication in applications

Device Detection

Detects visitor device details and locates them based on their IP address

Sitecore Identity

Membership capabilities with single sign-on across all Sitecore applications

Sitecore Publishing Service

Reduce the amount of time it takes to publish volumes of items

Dynamics CRM Connect

Integrate data from Dynamics CRM with Sitecore, and data from Sitecore with Dynamics CRM

Sitecore add-ons

Ensure a cohesive experience across channels

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Sitecore Experience Commerce™

Unleash the full power of ecommerce

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