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Personalization in Sitecore

What sets Sitecore’s solution apart?

Follow Maria to learn how Sitecore personalization can work for you.

Engage with Maria instantly

Sitecore’s built-in, always-on personalization lets you change content in real time for your site visitors.

Maria’s visit to your website today was driven by your most recent newsletter. She has been in your database for 2 years and is an infrequent visitor, but makes larger than average purchases.

Build Maria’s profile

Easily connect to a variety of data sources to build a true 360-degree view of Maria with Sitecore’s API layer.

  • Anonymous data
  • Inbound sources and campaigns
  • External sources
  • Browsing behavior

Maria has visited your site 12 times in the last 2 years. Her most recent browsing was focused on women’s shoes. She has made online purchases through your website, as well as at her local retail store, and has recently liked social media postings featuring designer shoes.

Serve content that’s relevant for Maria


The hero banner on your website’s homepage is personalized to show her a gallery of top designer shoe brands.


Your next newsletter highlights a selection of new shoes from her most visited brand.


Maria is included in your paid social media campaign showcasing designer shoes.


When she arrives at her local retail store, Maria receives a push notification about a new style from her favorite shoe brand.

Maria sees this content because Sitecore helps you learn that:

  • She loves designer shoe brands — based on site history and external activity
  • When she buys, she buys big
  • She shows a high propensity to purchase based on her recent activity

Maria becomes a lifelong customer

Customers who have the best brand experience spend 140% more than those who have the poorest experience*.

*Source: Harvard Business Review

Maria continues to receive an incredible customer experience because her profile is now augmented with:

  • Her purchase details
  • Activities that led to the sale
  • Her updated purchasing pattern

Personalizing your customers digital experiences can lift revenue between 5 and 15%.1 

1 “Marketing’s Holy Grail: Digital personalization at scale”, McKinsey Digital, November 2016.

Make personalization a reality with Sitecore Experience Platform


Start small. Then scale across your brand’s channels at your own pace and deploy personalization where it will drive impact.


No need for months of development — personalization comes out of the box with Sitecore® Experience Platform™.


From holistic reporting to actionable recommendations, intelligent insights enable constant improvement.

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