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Sitecore® Experience Accelerator

Providing reusable, templated UX layouts and components to help you get up and running quickly.

Move phase two to phase one

Fully integrated into the Sitecore editing function, Experience Accelerator (XA) reduces your time to market by allowing content teams to design, assemble, and deploy web content across channels with fewer development resources. IT and implementation partners can be relieved of many page build responsibilities and can focus on the high-impact requirements that usually get relegated to phase two.

I like to think using Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) prepares you for the future. All that technical debt incurred by custom development can be reduced by shifting the burden to the Sitecore platform and taking advantage of the out-of-the-box features. When your team decides to move to the latest and greatest releases you will be relieved to know all that custom development you avoided helped to reduce upgrade cost and shorten delivery time.

Michael West
IT Application Architect, Concentra

Features and benefits

Drag-and-drop page assembly

XA’s toolbox has approximately 100 pre-built components that you can use to build any page.

Dynamic wireframes

You create wireframes directly from within Sitecore, allowing design and content entry to start once UX is complete. Wires can be exported as a site in static HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Completed design (one or more) can be imported as a theme (or themes) and easily switched at any time. 

Best practice by default 

All code generated by XA follows Sitecore’s best practices around page structure as well as enables the use of experience marketing tools such as personalization and experience optimization.

Separate IA from design

XA’s wireframing tools let the site map and page architecture be completed and handed over to design, so content entry can occur in parallel with design processes.

Extensible and customizable toolset

Along with the component variants included, you can create new components and add them to the XA toolbox as well as customize existing ones. Page layouts are flexible and page templates are extensible.

Mobile first

Special responsive page layouts guide content authors to make all pages friendly for a broad range of devices.

How it works

Users of either Sitecore® Experience Manager (XM) or Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) can download the package from the Developer Portal and install it as a Sitecore package.

How you buy

Purchased with either Sitecore XM or XP, the price of Experience Accelerator varies depending on your environment size.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator in action

Sitecore Experience Accelerator is accessible directly from the Experience Editor.

The toolbox feature offers themes for various wireframes.

Quickly build wireframes from standard web page components from within the Experience Editor.

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