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SBOS Optimization Readiness Checklist

Technical and marketing teams can utilize this checklist to verify there are no technical blockers to undertaking personalization in Sitecore.

Your guide to the checklist videos

This ebook is a guide to the Optimization Readiness Checklist. It should be used to help determine who completes the checklist and when.

Download the ebook Download the ebook

Your Optimization Checklist Worksheet

This document is both an interactive worksheet to be used while completing the checklist and a follow-up report for development teams when addressing technical blockers.

Download the worksheet Download the worksheet

Optimization Readiness Checklist How-To Video Series

Verifying Experience Analytics

This video demonstrates how to verify that Experience Analytics has been built correctly and is capturing all data needed for optimization.

Verifying Experience Profile

This video demonstrates how to verify that the Experience Profile tool is built correctly and functions as expected.

Verifying Experience Editor

This video demonstrates how to verify that Experience Editor, Sitecore’s WYSISYG editor, is set up and functioning as expected.

Personalization and Testing

This video demonstrates how to verify that assorted Sitecore tools needed for personalization and testing are functioning as expected.

Verifying the Marketing Control Panel

This video verifies that items created in the Marketing Control Panel, such as goals, campaigns and taxonomies, are functioning as expected.

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