With Sitecore XP, American Heart Association revamps digital presence and unveils Healthy for Good website in record time.

Lifestyle choices affect heart health and risk of disease. So the American Heart Association embarked on an ambitious national campaign called Healthy for Good, which aims to educate the public and inspire change.

However, at the center of the campaign, the AHA website and infrastructure was in no shape to support a national campaign. It comprised hundreds of disparate assets along with various landing pages and microsites on WordPress and ad hoc content publishing tools. They needed a better web publishing process for its content team and a compelling user experience for its target audience.

The AHA turned to Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) for its efficient content management system and modern marketing capabilities including multi-language support, personalization, and analytics. AHA partnered with Quisitive, a digital transformation company, to design and build the Healthy for Good web experience.

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