Become a Sitecore Solution Partner

Sitecore Solution Partners deliver strategic, effective, and supportive services using Sitecore’s cutting-edge digital marketing technology. They are fundamental to guiding and assisting our thriving network.

Driving your success forward

We create and support best-in-class customer experience management solutions. Our solution partners maximize their performance, executing solutions with precision.

The advantages of partnership

The Solution Partner Program grants Partners entry to rewards, instruments, materials, expansion prospects, and more.

Structured progression

Our structured Partner levels—Silver, Gold, and Platinum—guide Partners in their growth journey, offering numerous Program advantages, while also providing customers with a transparent view of the ideal Partner for their specific projects.

The Practice Specialization Framework

The latest Solution Partner Program enhancement

All Sitecore Partners are eligible to participate in The Sitecore Practice Specialization Framework (PSF). The PSF is designed to recognize product-specialized Partner practices and promote customer trust. Partners can earn specializations after completing a practice-wide product immersion that verifies enablement skills, a dedicated and capable practice, and associated customer success.

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Inspire customer confidence

These specializations enable partners to showcase their alignment with Sitecore’s offerings and distinguish themselves in the marketplace. For partners eager to boost client confidence and achieve project and business growth, joining the PSF as a Solution Partner is a strategic move.

Beginning to grow your practice

Silver Partner

You’ve developed a relationship with Sitecore, work with trained developers, understand how to position Sitecore in a sale, and have successfully delivered a project. Here’s a sample of some of the benefits you’ll receive:

  • Access to Solution Partner Network (SPN), the portal for all program information and more.
  • Partner Sitecore software license.
  • Marketing of the Partnership through our channels.
  • Marketing and demand generation support.
  • Deal registration commissions.
  • Complimentary eLearning and discount on classroom training and certification exams.
  • Eligibility to participate in the Sitecore Practice Specialization Framework.
  • Customer and Partner reviews and discounts from Digital Clarity/VOCalis.

Delivering complex solutions

Gold partner

You’re delivering on the complete vision for customer experience management, including providing complex digital marketing solutions and customer education. Here’s a sample of benefits:

  • All Silver tier benefits.
  • Go-to-market development.
  • Demand generation activities and support.
  • Dedicated point of contact.
  • Higher commission rates.
  • Earn Co-Op dollars to build demand generation programs, offset training costs, or sponsor Sitecore events all over the world.
Flawless delivery at scale

Platinum Partner

You manage the customer experience at scale. You integrate deep Sitecore knowledge, thought leadership, and best practices into every stage of the customer lifecycle. Here’s a sample of benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • All Gold tier benefits.
  • Executive sponsorship.
  • Invitations to advisory sessions.
  • Guidance on market and technology developments.
  • Higher commission rates.

Ready to get started?

If you’re excited to boost client confidence and achieve project and business growth, join us.

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