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Consumers today now know what great customer service looks like, and that is exactly what they want at every touchpoint. On top of wanting to know who you are and what you provide, customers want an exceptional user experience, regardless of what device they are using or which platform you are communicating through.

In today’s world, the value of User Experience design is more immense than ever, not only for the end-user, but also for the organisation that is conducting business with their end-users. By providing users with seamless, effortless, and enjoyable experiences on a public-facing website, organisations benefit from an increased number of successful interactions, as well as increased word-of-mouth referrals and visitor loyalty, all which contribute to a more successful website.

Insight’s end-to-end approach to digital transformation has been recognised as the key to ensuring deep customer engagement through a combination of personalised experiences and broad solution sets. Insight excels at mapping out the transformation journey, identifying clients’ top pain points, and building a defined strategy to envision, develop, implement, and manage solutions addressing those challenges across the areas that businesses require it.

We are deliberately fostering a tighter coupling of sales and marketing to support the customers on their buying journey. Our clients want to understand if their problem is common, if it’s solvable and who can help them make the decisions that lead to the best outcomes. A single provider that can take them through every factor of their buying process – from education, assessment and on to deployment, management, and user engagement – simplifies that journey and allows them to maximise their investment.

We are proud of our unique value in helping our customers to achieve more with their IT investments and accelerate their cloud adoption with a solution assessment approach. We are excited to continue to be an agile partner for Microsoft’s global and local teams, and at the forefront of innovating our offers, solutions and knowledge sharing to drive meaningful business value for our clients to achieve their transformation goals.

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