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Customer insights

Sitecore® Experience Database™ collects, connects, and acts on any information about an individual—from any channel and in real time.

360-degree customer view

The Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is a big data marketing repository that collects and connects customer interactions to create a comprehensive, unified view of each individual customer. A key feature of our Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP), xDB enables marketers to gain a holistic customer view not just from a website’s interaction history but also from external apps, channels, devices, and data stores like CRM and ERP systems—anywhere.

xDB delivers a robust profile for each individual customer—called an Experience Profile®—that captures that person’s experience over time, including visits, campaigns they responded to, content viewed, intent signals, demographics, and needs.

  • Accessible in real time and at massive scale, customer data can be used to tailor subsequent brand interactions and experiences.
  • Incorporates xConnect, a framework that collects data from any channel like ERP, CRM, customer service, and non-Sitecore websites.
  • Cloud-friendly, with huge storage capacity.

Sitecore xDB features

Enables true omnichannel data collection at scale—whether from website visits, call centers, in-store visits, beacons, IoT devices, or any third-party data source.

Data interchange with xConnect

Sitecore xDB incorporates xConnect, an API framework that lets you import data from any source into xDB and use it to refine personalization. You can also export data out for profiling and performance analysis.

Machine learning power

Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning delivers computational processing power to deliver real-time insights from xDB’s expansive customer data. 

Secure customer data

Encryption at rest and in motion keeps your customer data secure and private. Personally identifiable information (PII) compliance is also supported, as is Right to be Forgotten and Data Portability for GDPR compliance.

Industry-standard services

Allowing marketers to extend and customize xDB data, xConnect uses OData RESTful service with full data interoperability with Sitecore systems. 

Additional features

  • Powers personalization, testing, and optimization
  • Available on Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Azure, or MongoDB databases
  • Available in cloud or on-premises deployment scenarios
  • Enables Experience Analytics for measuring value of visits
  • Fuels analysis of the value of visitor paths through content and channels

xDB in action

The Sitecore XP Experience Profile® captures all customer interaction data stored in xDB.
Powered by xDB, Sitecore XP Experience Analytics deliver a holistic view of individual customer interactions with your marketing.
The Sitecore Path Analyzer exposes the most and least efficient visitor paths through your content toward a particular marketing goal.

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