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Sitecore for

Personalization & testing

Optimize every customer interaction with A/B testing and personalization

Optimize customer interactions

Optimize every customer interaction with A/B testing and personalization

  • Personalize every customer interaction
  • Build connected customer experiences
  • Make smarter digital decisions
  • Test, analyze, optimize, repeat
  • Deliver lightning-fast performance

Personalization Testing

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Win lifelong customers

Drive engagement and build relationships


Know your customers

Use audience and data analytics to truly understand your customers and meet their individual needs to drive engagement.


Make a good first impression

Recognize new visitors and make them feel welcome by introducing brand value and providing personalized options to explore.


Drive KPIs and ROI

Drive marketing KPIs and improve content and personalization ROI by delivering and measuring personalized experiences.

Customer interactions optimized

Optimize every customer interaction with A/B testing and personalization

Personalize every customer interaction

Create hyper-relevant experiences for every customer in every moment with real-time personalization.

Build connected customer experiences

Deliver a seamless digital experience that jumps effortlessly from channel to channel.

Make smarter digital decisions

Recommend next-best-actions in real-time that balance customer needs and business priorities

Test, analyze, optimize, repeat

Optimize every step of your digital experience with goal driven A/B testing and crystal clear performance analytics.

Deliver lightning-fast performance

Create personalized experiences instantaneously with modern, edge-based services built for speed and scale.

Sitecore success stories

"Sitecore is a key success factor in Klépierre delivering a personalized, customer-centric and omnichannel experience, while retailers get a new brand territory with qualified traffic, improved transformation rates, and better consumer knowledge."

Diane Ledoux

Digital Marketing Director, Klépierre

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