Collaboration between marketing and development teams is vital for creating and implementing successful personalization strategies. This has been a core theme for Sitecore Personalize updates throughout the past few months.

We rolled out a series of updates to enhance user experience, provide new capabilities, and streamline collaboration between business and developer teams. In this blog post, we explore how these recent updates have made personalization even easier and more scalable. 

Latest enhancements: Streamlined business and developer collaboration

The latest Sitecore Personalize updates have been aimed at making personalization easier and scalable. The updates are individually listed below, showcasing the enhancements done from a business/marketing user and also from a developer perspective.

Specific management roles for the modern marketing department 

After studying numerous marketing departments in different organizations and investigating digital marketing department workflows and requirements, we have introduced new roles — Read only, Analytics, and Developer — in Personalize and CDP. These roles allow users to have more granular, feature-specific access to the applications. Organization Owners or Admins can assign these roles to users in the Cloud Portal, ensuring each user has the appropriate level of access to the platform, matching exactly the business needs and requirements for your modern marketing department. 

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Business and marketing capabilities enhancements

First, let’s look at all the updates designed to supercharge your business and marketing strategy with Sitecore Personalize. 

New site analytics homepage

The platform now hosts a new Site Analytics homepage to provide real-time metrics on site traffic, enabling users to make data-driven decisions based on changing trends in visitor behavior. Easily identify trends, view line graphs, and access interactive heatmaps to gain insights into your site's performance and visitor preferences. 

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Introducing engaging conditions for real-time targeting 

We are specifically thrilled to introduce this update, ‘Personalize Conditions’, our newly released no-code solution that allows marketers to target visitors based on real-time parameters, such as location, device, and more. This user-friendly feature can be managed in the Developer Center and applied to experiments and experiences. For users with an XM Cloud + Personalize license, custom conditions created in Personalize will be available for use in Pages for personalization as well, offering a seamless experience across platforms. 

With Conditions, developers can transform complex code into an accessible interface for marketers, while also providing advanced testing capabilities. Marketers then can filter and target personalization without viewing or editing code, apply market-researched conditions, and implement custom conditions from their organization. 

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Intuitive UX navigation

To enhance the UX and front-end experience of Sitecore Personalize even more, we introduced a new navigation menu that is seamless, intuitive, and straightforward. The new menu includes a fully-fledged Developer Center, which houses all developer-related experiences and grouping template creations and Library configuration capabilities of the platform. The new front-end also offers in-app release notes for easy access to the latest updates. 

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You asked, we listened: Experiences and experiments distinctions!

We've streamlined the distinction between Experiences and Experiments by classifying all multi-variant experiences as experiments. This change paves the way for more alignment with industry terminologies and the development of a fully-fledged A/B Testing and Experimentation module catering to different experimentation and A/B Testing business needs and omnichannel optimization requirements.

The experience module will also support upcoming releases of rule-based and AI-supported personalized content delivery and Targeting Experiences, allowing for even more targeted and personalized content delivery. 

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Developer experience updates 

What about your implementation team? Sitecore Personalize is renowned for its role clarity and streamlined developer experience, which complements the intuitive tools we provide for marketers. 

Introducing a fully capable developer center with JS Modules onboard 

The new Developer Center provides a centralized location for developers to access tools and resources, such as JS Modules, within Sitecore Personalize. This dedicated space streamlines the developer experience, making it easier to create, manage, and deploy custom code within the platform. 

The Developer Center also hosts Personalize's developer-empowering JS Modules. JS Modules are reusable pieces of code that developers can create within Sitecore Personalize, making it easier to maintain and scale custom code within the implementation. With JS Modules, developers can efficiently manage code dependencies and changes, allowing for a more streamlined development process. 

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UG Tokens for wider and secured Personalize use cases 

With the newly introduced User Generated Tokens (UGTs), developers can now create API keys to access Sitecore Personalize REST APIs, enabling seamless integration with external systems and applications. This update empowers developers to leverage Personalize's capabilities across a wide range of use cases and platforms in a secured and flexible manner. 


Dynamic connection parameters 

This update enables developers to set dynamic parameters for connection URLs and headers within Sitecore Personalize triggered flows, providing greater flexibility and customization when working with triggered experiences and experiments. 

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Personalize in the Sitecore ecosystem – stronger together  

Last but not least, Personalize has also been paying a close attention to content strategy and content author teams and their operation requirements. This is important for content strategists as well as current Sitecore customers. 

Boosting personalized content experience: together with XM Cloud 

Bringing Personalize closer to our content management offering has been one of the major accomplishments progressed over last months. It brings our clients the best of two worlds: the world of innovative, strikingly fast, and modern flexible content experience in XM Cloud, combined with Personalize, the full-stack personalization, A/B Testing, decisioning, and end to end UX  management platform.

This integration brings numerous benefits, including personalized content delivery through Experience Edge, and support for modern front-end frameworks with the flexibility of headless CMS architecture. This powerful combination of tools allows developers to build and deploy fast, scalable, and secure digital experiences while giving marketers the power to be on top of their content marketing strategies through efficient content strategy management and effective monitoring of delivered online experiences. 

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CDP and Personalize available on Sitecore Cloud Portal 

As part of Sitecore's ongoing journey to provide seamless access experience with strikingly short time to market, Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize now embrace the unified access supported by Sitecore Cloud Portal. This unified SSO-supported access allows Sitecore customers to simple switch between Sitecore applications while remaining in one unified Sitecore ecosystem. The unified platform integration offers many benefits such as standardized role management, secure multi-factor authentication, and centralized support for Sitecore applications within your organization.



These recent updates to Sitecore Personalize demonstrate our commitment to providing our users with the best possible experience, enhanced capabilities, and seamless integration with the Sitecore Ecosystem. As we continue to innovate and improve, we look forward to sharing more updates and advancements with our users in the future. Stay tuned for even more exciting developments from Sitecore Personalize!