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Our Story

Sitecore: Our values

Collaborative, customer-first innovation – discover the values driving our team of technology professionals.

Our values

We're working together to innovate and grow. Here are the central values that drive us:

Push Boundaries

Customers first

  • Make customer success a top priority
  • Be our customers’ trusted advisor
  • Always seek to improve our customers’ experience
  • Anticipate and deliver proactively on customer needs
Foster Collaboration

Foster collaboration

  • Value each other – employees are our foundation
  • Empower and enable each other for success
  • Prevent silos and unite as one team
  • Build trust through open communication
  • Listen generously and embrace diverse perspectives
Take Ownership

Take ownership

  • Be accountable for outcomes not activities
  • Be a champion for your personal growth and your team’s success
  • Persevere with passion
  • Act with integrity
  • Develop the leader within
Cultivate Community

Cultivate community

  • Think beyond ourselves
  • Contribute actively to local communities
  • Create and strengthen lasting connections within our network of colleagues, customers, partners, and developers
  • Build a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusion
  • Work hard together; have fun together
Customer First

Push boundaries

  • Never stop innovating and improving
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Be curious and initiate change
  • Commit to excellence and aim to win
  • Execute with high velocity (speed and direction)