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Transform data silos into winning customer experiences

Connect and activate customer data across your ecosystem to drive relevance with an intelligent customer data platform.

Capture, unify, and activate omnichannel customer data

Sitecore CDP can connect your data for relevant and holistic customer experiences that turbocharge conversions and revenue

  • Customer data collection

    Capture every click, search, tap, and buying signal from every channel for actionable insights.

    Customer data collection
  • Real-time data, real-time context

    Understand the context of each interaction and tailor your customer experience (CX).

    Realtime data realtime context
  • Intelligent data lakes

    Pageviews, searches, transactions, and other customer events — all optimized for visual insights, exports, BI streams, and AI model training.

    Intelligent data lakes
  • First-party data unlocked

    First-party data to drive personalized engagement across ecosystems — without compromising on privacy.

    First party data unlocked
  • Connect to activate

    Ingest data from your SCV, CRM, ESP, DMP, POS, and more via stream, batch, and interactive APIs.

    Ecosystem integrations
  • Real-time segmentation

    Target segments as audiences across your ecosystem to drive conversions


We activate customer data for mega brands

Drive revenue, loyalty, and retention

Employ your organization’s data assets for exceptional customer experiences that drive growth

Future proof data strategy

Future-proof data strategy

Unify profiles with automatic identification, and unlock first-party data with no compromise to privacy

Real time insights

Real-time insights

Aggregate visitors' attributes, behaviors, and transactions to power BI analytics and real-time dashboards

Bespoke audience segmentation

Bespoke audience segmentation

Intuitive tools to create cohorts of customers to target across channels

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Discover how to connect and activate customer data to drive relevance with our intelligent customer data platform.

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“Sitecore has helped us make every customer interaction more relevant, personalized, and profitable — adding value to our customer journey at every stage.”

Neil Procter, Head of Customer Platform, Hive Home

Improving customer experience

Emirates leveraged deep insight for improved CX

Sitecore CDP empowers Emirates to combine customer survey data with personalization — pinpointing pain points and speeding fixes.

Drive engagement and win lifelong relationships

Understand and uncover trends for each customer and user journey


Connect and activate your data for engaging content and brilliant experiences

realtime segmentation graphic

Discover how we can transform your CX strategies and outcomes:

  • See how our solutions can help you create unforgettable digital connections with your customers
  • Explore with our experts, who will share our platform’s powerful features and capabilities
  • Learn why the right CDP solution will prepare you for the future of CX — composable

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