XM Cloud Migration Readiness Package

Unless otherwise defined in this document, all capitalized terms used in this document shall have the same meaning as that given in the Order for Services between the Sitecore entity (Sitecore) and the customer (Customer) signing such Order.

1. Scope

Sitecore offers its XM Cloud Migration Readiness Package of up to 120 hours of Consulting Services to prepare Customer for migration to XM Cloud, including sharing recommended approaches, identifying areas to focus on from the existing implementation and infrastructure, and providing guidance on how to take advantage of new features. The XM Cloud Migration Readiness Package includes the following elements as standard, but the exact scope of the Services will be agreed by the parties and may be adjusted during the performance of the Services per Customer’s needs, subject to agreement between the parties.

XM Cloud Migration Readiness Review
The XM Cloud Migration Readiness Review is performed on the Customer’s current solution to prepare for migrating to Sitecore’s XM Cloud product. A Sitecore Technical Consultant will look at areas of Customer’s solution that are relevant to a migration and will highlight areas where changes will need to be considered.

Sitecore will perform an XM Cloud Migration Readiness Review and produce a report that may include review findings in the following areas:

  • Sitecore XM/XP features used
  • Additional modules in use
  • Custom pipelines
  • Custom actions / events
  • Local development
  • Hosting
  • CI/CD

On completion of the report, Sitecore will provide technical consulting and workshops as needed and within the hours allotted. Topics may include:

  • Serialization migration
  • Frontend hosting options
  • Search capabilities
  • Development and DevOps processes
  • Content migration


  • The review will be performed remotely by a Sitecore Technical Consultant who will collaborate with Customer and Customer’s Implementation Partner to access information and systems required to perform the review.
  • Sitecore consultants will have the required access and credentials on Customer’s servers in order to undertake this activity remotely.
  • Customer or Customer’s Implementation Partner will make necessary resource(s) available to provide information relevant to the review.

2. General

The Services will be acquired as a pre-paid pool of hours, where the maximum number of hours to be used in a day corresponds to the length of the workday of each individual Sitecore resource engaged as part of this package unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The hours consumed will be counted in time increments of 60 minutes.

The Services will be performed based on a delivery schedule agreed upon between the parties after the Order is signed. Changes to the scheduling of activities must be requested no less than two weeks prior to the first day of the scheduled performance of the activity.

The Services must be consumed within 12 months of the Effective Date (the “Expiry Date”), after which any remaining unused Services will otherwise expire. Sitecore is under no obligation to deliver any unused pre-paid Services after the Expiry Date and any outstanding fees or applicable expenses will remain payable.

The fees for the Services do not include any travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for onsite visits. Any such visits and associated travel budgets will need to be agreed upon between the Customer and Sitecore for each trip. Sitecore will book economy flight tickets and cheapest option for appropriate 4-star business class hotel. Sitecore will invoice the Customer each month for travel expenses incurred during the preceding month for agreed and approved onsite visits at the Customer’s locations. The remainder of the Services will be performed remotely.

Any produced code and Sitecore configuration performed by Sitecore while delivering the Services will be for reference and guidance. Customer should perform proper testing in its environment when using any of the work delivered by Sitecore.

v1.0 (July 2023)